Combover Mastering

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About Mastering: 

Mastering is the finishing touch to your mix giving it the punch, air, sheen, subconscious drama - whatever the song or album calls for to make it the most finished product it can be. We specialize in mastering and have been doing it for years. We have both the gear and expertise to take your mixed project to the next level. Many think mastering simply means louder and yes tracks are indeed louder after they have been mastered. Mastering is much more than that though. Besides volume, mastering should give a nice balance from track to track. Mastering should also improve upon the depth, width, and clarity of the songs. Most importantly, mastering should solidify the listener's connection to the song. 


Great dude and excellent mastering engineer! - Cas Haley

Nailed it on my song Matt!! - Ben Holt

Matt is an excellent recording engineer who worked on a very detailed album for my band TitanMoon. His abilities to mix/master very rich soundscapes brought our record to the next level and with very reasonable pricing and time to complete the project. Stellar product and great experience. - Austin Alvis, Titanmoon

Matt is an amazing guy who offers some of the best customer service and quality mixing and mastering work you will ever find. I highly recommend him! - Chris, Hendyamps

Combover IS the Mastering company for me. I've done many types of recordings, from commercials, to radio, advertisements, music for television, sound tracks, movie scores & various types of CD's. Combover's motto should be "Combover Cares." If you want it done right, then you better ask Matt to do it!!! Combover Mastering, for the working musician! - Jon E. Gee, Jon Melloncamp Band

Since the first time i worked with Matt i could tell he was a guy i could trust with my music. Laid back, honest, no ego, and great ears. Cas Haley -  Songwriter, Paris Texas

This is the kind of mastering that will truly take your music to the next level. Matt preforms more than just correction, but enhances the mix in a very creative and musical way. With Combover Mastering, you can rest assured that no stone will go unturned when it comes to creating a perfect master. - Mark, Unfurled Umbrella Recordings

Quick Gear Highlight: "My current favorite pieces are:
Hendy Pollock Compressor.
Custom monitors built by Rogelio Delgado." - Matt Whatley

About Matt Whatley:

Chief Engineer and Owner of Combover Mastering. 

Over 23 years experience. Has worked with artists in a wide range of styles from Reggae to Rock to Country to Jazz to Rap to Pop. Matt has worked in every facet of the recording studio and specializes in audio mastering.

Mastered for iTunes / DDP Masters / Standard CD Format: 

All Offered. We offer a Customized DDP Player which is especially good for clients with complex transitions from track to track. This will allow you to hear how the tracks will transition once in CD format. We are happy to send DDP Masters directly to the duplication house for you as well.